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New Salem Roadrunners Wild Turkey 5K Run photo

New Salem Roadrunners Wild Turkey 5K Run

The New Salem Roadrunners participated in the Wild Turkey 5K Trail Run in Monroe on Saturday, April 11. Samantha Davis and Tate Ferguson both placed first in their age divisions. The event was sponsored by The Master Gardeners of Union County and was part of the Heritage Festival. New Salem's Roadrunners meet weekly after school with their coach, Beverly Little.

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Third Grade International Day photo

Third Grade International Day

 New Salem third grade students participated in International Day recently. Each third grader carried a map of the world colored a predetermined color for each continent. They visited classrooms with different activities highlighting each continent. When visiting Africa, students played Mbube and Ampe, African children’s games.. In North America they cooked a dessert. South America was a math integration with questions incorporating facts from Brazil. Students learned about the origination of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and wrote a poem about their learning when they visited Europe. While visiting Antarctica, students incorporated technology with the use of United Streaming videos and answering questions through googledocs. While learning about Asia, they made a flag from Nepal and learned what the colors in symbols stood for .In Australia they learned about the Lark Quarry and made dinosaur fossil footprints. It was an exciting time of learning as students visited the seven continents on our globe.

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